Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Tourist

The Tourist back cover description
Alexander Nicholson had it all, yet he had nothing. His life had been one of privilege and opening doors, of love and comfort. Much was expected of Alex Nicholson, but there was little to admire about him. He enjoyed all that a man could desire, but beneath the smooth, confident sheen, he lived by lies. And when the good life began to disintegrate around him, Alex knew that only when he discovered himself could he really be at peace.

So began Alex’s odyssey. His journey would take him around the world and deep into his own past and his soul. And, despite his shallowness and self-indulgence, his travels produce glimpses of a better man.

In The Tourist, Nicholas R.W. Henning draws a stark portrait of a man whose failings are astonishingly apparent, but whose struggle to face down his life of deception and betrayal and uncover his past draws the reader into a desperate and revealing world.

The shocking and painful truth behind Alexander Nicholson is unravelled by a sharply observant author, whose spare style creates vivid images of both characters and places. From Saigon to Barcelona, Alex struggles with his own hollowness. His experiences are confronting but finally, in a Pacific paradise, he begins to understand some essential truths. However, it is only at home that he can really come to terms with his own mysterious past. So begins the most shattering stage of Alexander Nicholson’s journey.

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