Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento

The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento back cover description
Meet Damian Hughes, an Australian with real talent in the American game. Meet his formative years, meet his loves, his hopes… his dreams. In lots of ways, the boy Damian has a pretty normal upbringing in suburban middle Australia. However, he finds out that he has more than just the blessings of living near the beach, an active childhood and a caring, stable family. Spotted by a US baseball talent scout, this young man is thrown more money than he’d ever dreamt of, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento documents the memoirs of this determined and grounded man, as he seeks to make it to the Major League, the pinnacle of baseball. He encounters many special people on his journey, all of which add to the tapestry of his tale. These people and the various situations that Damian finds himself in may draw smiles and tears alike. Meet Damian Hughes and this story that will resonate with those who dream dreams, and indeed, those who chase them.

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