Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boomerang Baseball

Boomerang Baseball back cover description
Trent McKnight grew up dreaming that baseball would take him all the way to “The Show” - the Major Leagues in the United States. Instead, baseball and a love of sport in general gave him an anchor whenever his life needed stability, even when he had turned his back on the game he loved. He grew up in affluence, part of a close family and attending good schools. Yet Trent discovered that life has ways of challenging the comfortable lifestyle and calling into question easily-held beliefs. When the dreams fade and you resort to lies in order to hide your shortcomings, where do you turn? For Trent, the answer lay in the foundations he laid at school and in baseball: his friends and mentors.

In Boomerang Baseball, Nicholas R.W. Henning explores in autobiographical style the trials and triumphs of Trent’s life. It is an insightful and honest story of obsession, disappointment and determination. As he grows up, Trent’s belief in himself is challenged by bullying, self-doubt and failure. But his life is also shared by family and friends who support him in darker moments. And always close to the centre of his life is baseball, the sport which wounds him but also provides him with the opportunities to succeed. On the surface this is a simple story of growing up, but Trent McKnight’s experiences will resonate with many readers, sports fans or not.

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