Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aussies in the Majors

Aussies in the Majors back cover description
In his latest book, Nicholas R.W. Henning moves from baseball fiction to a true journey of discovery. Through American contacts developed over the years, the author tracks down Australian players currently honing their talents and aiming for the Majors; he also meets a fascinating range of people connected with professional baseball: players, administrators, broadcasters and fans. Henning’s meetings with Australian players reveal how they adapt to living far from home and playing in the back-blocks of the country, always hoping that their big day will come. The author’s interviews provide insights into the motivations and backgrounds of these talented and determined young players.

In the final section of the book, the author takes a critical yet affectionate look at Australian baseball today and how it might develop in the future. He acknowledges the largely unsung giants of the local game, including those pioneers who were the first to play professionally in the US. His analysis includes a number of practical suggestions for nurturing a game which has endured too many booms and busts in its long history in Australia. Through the accounts of his travels and his critical but constructive survey of the local game shines a constant theme: Henning’s deep love for the game and his remarkable knowledge of it.

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Boomerang Baseball

Boomerang Baseball back cover description
Trent McKnight grew up dreaming that baseball would take him all the way to “The Show” - the Major Leagues in the United States. Instead, baseball and a love of sport in general gave him an anchor whenever his life needed stability, even when he had turned his back on the game he loved. He grew up in affluence, part of a close family and attending good schools. Yet Trent discovered that life has ways of challenging the comfortable lifestyle and calling into question easily-held beliefs. When the dreams fade and you resort to lies in order to hide your shortcomings, where do you turn? For Trent, the answer lay in the foundations he laid at school and in baseball: his friends and mentors.

In Boomerang Baseball, Nicholas R.W. Henning explores in autobiographical style the trials and triumphs of Trent’s life. It is an insightful and honest story of obsession, disappointment and determination. As he grows up, Trent’s belief in himself is challenged by bullying, self-doubt and failure. But his life is also shared by family and friends who support him in darker moments. And always close to the centre of his life is baseball, the sport which wounds him but also provides him with the opportunities to succeed. On the surface this is a simple story of growing up, but Trent McKnight’s experiences will resonate with many readers, sports fans or not.

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The Tourist

The Tourist back cover description
Alexander Nicholson had it all, yet he had nothing. His life had been one of privilege and opening doors, of love and comfort. Much was expected of Alex Nicholson, but there was little to admire about him. He enjoyed all that a man could desire, but beneath the smooth, confident sheen, he lived by lies. And when the good life began to disintegrate around him, Alex knew that only when he discovered himself could he really be at peace.

So began Alex’s odyssey. His journey would take him around the world and deep into his own past and his soul. And, despite his shallowness and self-indulgence, his travels produce glimpses of a better man.

In The Tourist, Nicholas R.W. Henning draws a stark portrait of a man whose failings are astonishingly apparent, but whose struggle to face down his life of deception and betrayal and uncover his past draws the reader into a desperate and revealing world.

The shocking and painful truth behind Alexander Nicholson is unravelled by a sharply observant author, whose spare style creates vivid images of both characters and places. From Saigon to Barcelona, Alex struggles with his own hollowness. His experiences are confronting but finally, in a Pacific paradise, he begins to understand some essential truths. However, it is only at home that he can really come to terms with his own mysterious past. So begins the most shattering stage of Alexander Nicholson’s journey.

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The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento

The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento back cover description
Meet Damian Hughes, an Australian with real talent in the American game. Meet his formative years, meet his loves, his hopes… his dreams. In lots of ways, the boy Damian has a pretty normal upbringing in suburban middle Australia. However, he finds out that he has more than just the blessings of living near the beach, an active childhood and a caring, stable family. Spotted by a US baseball talent scout, this young man is thrown more money than he’d ever dreamt of, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento documents the memoirs of this determined and grounded man, as he seeks to make it to the Major League, the pinnacle of baseball. He encounters many special people on his journey, all of which add to the tapestry of his tale. These people and the various situations that Damian finds himself in may draw smiles and tears alike. Meet Damian Hughes and this story that will resonate with those who dream dreams, and indeed, those who chase them.

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Brennan Cooper

Brennan Cooper back cover description
Stock market trader Brennan Cooper discovers that the dating game is an investment, which is a volatile risk. Well-intended towards meaningful relationships he is presented with circumstances which at times throw into question his own values. Tempted by lust, the distinction between deep and shallow relationships becomes an indistinguishable proposition. The gradual decaying of Brennan’s self-confidence clouds his perspective towards life, and alcohol abuse presents itself as a means to dilute the elements of his life he cannot bear. Standing precariously between ruin and a path to recovery his life must go on, but which way will it go?

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