Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They Died with their Boots On

They Died with their Boots On is a positive depiction of George Armstrong Custer and many of his military exploits. Errol Flynn represents Custer with natural exuberance and appears in his element as the famous cavalry commander. Historically there are some mixed opinions of Custer's character and military strategy. This film does convey him as at times taking some reckless risks and not respecting authority, but on the other hand he is displayed as a determined leader, with initiative in battle and a gentlemanly disposition towards people regardless of their status. It is important to acknowledge that in war decisions are made where the odds of success can be slim and whilst the unnecessary loss of life is tragic, history proves that it is human nature to sometimes take excessive risks for the sake of battlefield victory. This film certainly confirms that duty and camaraderie is the most valuable currency in war. To purchase a copy of any of my books, please refer to these links Boomerang Baseball cheapest seller, The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento cheapest seller, The Tourist cheapest seller, Brennan Cooper cheapest seller.