Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simon Whitfield Olympian

Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield (pictured above) was his nations flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, participating in his fourth Olympics. Whitfield's London Olympics came to an unfortunate end when he came off his bike and was unable to complete the event. Yet Whitfield's contribution to the sport is highly commendable as he won the first triathlon gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and a silver medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Whitfield has Australian heritage and he attended high school in Sydney. He lived for a time in the suburb of Hornsby, and he graduated three years ahead of me at Knox Grammar School in 1994. We also lived in the same complex of town houses on Cecil Road in Hornsby for a short while. Whitfield was a natural athlete then and trying to compete with him in sport was always a one sided result to him, but it was still fun testing my sporting skills against his even if it meant always losing. He said to me with earnest back in 1994 that it was his goal to win gold in triathlon at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and to see him do it was inspiring and magnificent. Whilst Whitfield's London campaign didn't go as planned, he is a four time Olympian, and he'll always be a sporting hero to me and many others.

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