Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oranges and Sunshine

Oranges and Sunshine is a drama film based on the work of English social worker Margaret Humphreys who discovers the practice of British child deportation to Australia and Canada. Many of the children were sent to Australia following World War II and up until the early 1990s. These children often came from single parent homes or circumstances where their parents had difficulty supporting a family, and the children were placed in temporary government care, but unknown to their parents and relatives the children were sent overseas. This practice became known as the "Home Children" scandal. The narrative exposes the misrepresentation of a new and wonderful life that the children were promised in Australia and how both the British and Australian Governments coordinated the activity, which wasn't disclosed to the public whilst the deportations were taking place. The film draws attention to the lives that the children faced in Australia and the tenacious efforts of Humphreys to help them try and find resolution. It is a quality movie with an impressive cast of British and Australian actors. Emily Watson (Margaret Humphreys), Hugo Weaving (Jack), and David Wenham (Len) provide a moving performance. Please refer to this link to purchase a copy of Oranges and Sunshine. To purchase a copy of any of my books please refer to these links: The Tourist cheapest seller, Brennan Cooper cheapest seller, Boomerang Baseball cheapest seller, and The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento cheapest seller.