Thursday, February 23, 2012


Snowtown is a film adaptation of the South Australian Snowtown / Bodies in Barrels murders. The narrative mainly follows the perspective of teenager James Spyridon Vlassakis (played by Aaron Viergever), who comes from a broken and abusive home. Vlassakis and his mother are befriended by John Justin Bunting (played by Daniel Henshall) who at first appears friendly, but is a sadistic psychopath who maintains the trust of James Vlassakis, which contributes to James becoming an aid and witness to the spree of murders. The mood of this film is continuously morose with murky cinematography that perpetuates an unhinged perspective, and the film music is disconcerting, which adds to the feeling of bleakness. The narrative to this film may cause some viewers to feel disorientated by its at times unprompted flow of events, yet this allows the viewer to understand that Bunting and Robert Joe Wagner (played by Lucas Pittaway) are driven by views and emotions that are perplexing to those of rational mind. Daniel Henshall's performance as Bunting displays ferocious energy with misplaced smiles, and looks of satisfaction as life departs from the bodies of tortured victims. Viewers should take some caution before watching this film to ensure that they are prepared for a movie that might knock them off their seats with shock and uneasiness. However, it is the story of twelve brutal murders and the viewer is certainly taken there by this film. Please refer to this link to purchase a copy of Snowtown.

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