Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady is a biographical drama film of the life of Baroness Margaret Thatcher. The narrative focuses on an aging Thatcher with fading health, reflectively looking back on her life and career. It was ambitious of the film directors to try and incorporate so many facets of Thatcher's life into a single feature film. This is because several aspects of her life are significant enough to be separate films. For example her rise within the Conservative Party as a female politician or the Falklands War both contain enough depth to be standalone movies. Notwithstanding this the viewer is presented with numerous major events in Thatcher's life such as: her admittance to Oxford University as the daughter of a green grocer, her progression as a Conservative Member of Parliament, tenure as Leader of the Opposition, and eleven years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The quality of acting is engaging and this film honourably acknowledges Thatcher's breakthrough political career. Please refer to this link to purchase a copy of The Iron Lady. To purchase a copy of any of my books please refer to these links: Boomerang Baseball cheapest seller, The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento cheapest seller, The Tourist cheapest seller, and Brennan Cooper cheapest seller.