Monday, January 9, 2012

Paul Hogan

The marketing of Australia as a desired tourist destination for Americans was somewhat cultivated by Paul Hogan's larrikin persona television advertisements, which aired in the United States during the 1980s. Australian viewers came to know Hogan (pictured above) through his television comedy program The Paul Hogan Show, which aired from 1973 - 1984. It was the Crocodile Dundee franchise that catapulted Hogan in the American market, but despite his 1980s status as an Australian icon in the U.S., Hogan's filmography contains just over ten credits for acting since 1980, and in no decade from the 1980s to date has he been involved in more than four major film acting roles. Despite his number of film credits Hogan made considerable progress promoting Australia and providing likable film characters. He returned to the Australian Film Industry in the 2000s with local movies Strange Bedfellows and Charlie and Boots. Hogan's advertising phrase "shrimp on the barbie" was particularly catchy in gaining American interest towards Australia. To purchase a copy of any of my books please refer to these links: Brennan Cooper cheapest seller, The Tourist cheapest seller, Boomerang Baseball cheapest seller, and The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento cheapest seller.