Saturday, October 29, 2011

James Beresford: Brotherly Baseball

It seems that baseball players who come from a family that plays the game benefit from kin tuition. Craig Shipley and Dave Nilsson became the second and third Australians to play Major League Baseball, and they also have in common a family background with a strong involvement in the sport. James Beresford (pictured above) is currently a prospect in the Minnesota Twins Farm System where he has played since 2007. He spent the 2011 season playing High A Ball and finished the year with 131 hits and a .270 batting average. His older brother Simon epitomises the definition of a big brother standing at 6' 5", he played within the Milwaukee Brewers Farm System from 2003 to 2005. James has pursued a career as an infielder and Simon was a pitcher. There is no doubt that Simon was able to pass on valuable knowledge to James with respect to professional baseball life, and I'm sure James was able to see some great pitchers from his brother, which helped advance his skills as a hitter. Like any form of education what is taught by family often has a lasting influence shaping knowledge, and I'm sure as James progresses through the professional ranks of baseball; he will always remember the lessons taught to him by his brother.

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