Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown's acting career dates back to the 1970s, and he is one of Australia's most enduring film and television actors. I share with Brown (pictured above) having worked for AMP. Prior to becoming an actor he was a trainee actuary. The first film I recall seeing Brown in was Cocktail where he starred with Tom Cruise. My favourite movie of his career is the Australian classic Breaker Morant. It is pleasing that Brown has continued to stay involved in the Australian Film Industry, and his recent contributions include: Dirty Deeds, Australia, and Beautiful Kate, which was directed by his wife Rachel Ward. As an actor Brown distinguishes himself with his resolute style. To purchase a copy of any of my books please refer to these links: Brennan Cooper cheapest seller, The Tourist cheapest seller, The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento cheapest seller, and Boomerang Baseball cheapest seller.