Sunday, November 1, 2009

Australian Baseball Photographer: Stephanie Zagalak

Baseball in Australia enjoys steady participation, and beyond the players who take the field for their respective clubs a collection of great people contribute towards the game with loyal support. These people are those who coach, score games, work in club canteens, administer clubs and playing leagues, and cheer the players on with words of encouragement. Baseball is also blessed to have those people who offer professional services, which in turn assist in documenting the history of the game and provide us with wonderful memories. Stephanie Zagalak can often be seen at baseball games all over Sydney, and at interstate and international competitions such as the recent Sydney 2009 World Masters Games. Stephanie's enthusiasm for baseball can be measured by her willingness to take public transport from one extremity of Sydney to the other, with her camera equipment packed tightly into a backpack, and energy to walk from bus stops and trains stations to playing fields tucked closely into suburban areas. The quality of Stephanie's work is outstanding, and if you have any baseball photography needs I wholeheartedly recommend her, as her interest for baseball is as commendable as the sharpness of her work. Please refer to this link to see some of Stephanie's photo galleries and photography services: